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In Belgium

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With a bottle of water and loose clothing


Saisons du Coeur
 Rue Haute Marexhe, 114 in 4040 Herstal

Sessions take place on Tuesday evening from 7:30 to 9:30 at the following dates:

More information coming soon

Price: 15€ to be paid on site

Aubel, Belgium

Centre Culturel d’Aubel – Place Albert Ier, 8 – 4880 AUBEL (first floor)

Next sessions will take place on Wednesday evening 8.00 to 10.00 at the following dates :

Autumn 2018

More information coming soon

By subscription only: Pack of 5 lessons for 60€


Enjoy yourself

Open Floor offers a free expression space. No choreography to remember. Move, dance freely, trust your feet and your body wisdom, it opens the doors of an unlimited space: our inner freedom, ourselves, moment after moment.

Practising Open Floor regularly helps us to connect to ourselves and the others. It is about enjoying dancing and moving while taking time and focusing completely on our personal needs. It is about finding back the source of our inner joy.


As a meditation, the regular practise of Open Floor is a source of wellbeing and balance with yourself. Focus on you, get back to your body, your physical and corporal sensations, welcome the present and make space for what is there, these are often the first steps towards a deep path of transformation. Leaving the words behind opens a new way of communication: the body language which is sincere and spontaneous.

Be curious

As every human being, we have plenty of habits! Open Floor is a favoured place to open and widen our exploration space. You like dancing alone? Why don’t you dance with someone? You often dance at the same place? Travel in space, follow your feet. You often dance the same movements? Try something new, something different, slow down, accelerate, change rhythm, take the example of someone, imitate his/her movements. Possibilities are endless.

Being curious of ourselves opens the wide space of our creativity.



Certified Open Floor teacher
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