Vinciane Nyssen

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“Be realistic : Plan for a miracle.”

Bhagwan Three Rajneesh


In 2010, at a crossroads in my life, I felt the need to connect to the wisdom and beauty of dance. A physical and urging need to move my body, to change the straight and static vision of my life.

I followed this invitation by practising and attending many workshops and mindfull dance cycles (5 Rhythms and Open Floor). Dancing freely, without imposed movement, listening only to my body, connected me back to myself and my personal aspirations.
In 2014, when the Open Floor training was created, I understood that this practice met my deepest expectations. I felt a door opening to me, a new path: follow this training first to share it with you after.


To begin this training, I had to leave my comfort zones. Go over my limits, break the hurdles of my beliefs, undo the links, get free to widen the possibilities. I first began by learning a new language : English. First necessary step to follow the Open floor cursus.

Whatever the challenge or the difficulty of this demand, I knew it as my way. Whatever the cost I had to follow my inner voice.
After two years of intensive lessons and immersion, I now understand how learning this language was fundamental in my Open Floor training path.

Dance taught me to dare, dare to trust myself, dare to go over my limits, dare to take a different way to be who I am today.


Dance is like a seed planted in the fertile soil of our bodies. So small and still so promising. Everything is already there. For me, that’s the miracle of dance.

I decided to grow this seed, to look after it and to cultivate this inner garden. I am therefore inspired by the philosophy of life of the ecological and spiritual community of Findhorn in Scotland. This philosophy opened my vision on a life harmony, respectful o everyone and Everything. It roots and feeds my life, my practice and my Open Floor teaching.


Certified Open Floor teacher
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