Everything is Vibration, everything is movement, everything is dance

Dance, get into the move, listen to your body and needs. It will lead you to a deep and intense path of transformation. A regular practice of mindful dance teaches us to come back to our inner wisdom to follow it, fully aware of ourselves and the world. It is an invitation to connect to our deepest source of happiness and of Life.

What is Open floor?

Make a space to be tuned

…to your body, your feelings, your thoughts, your physical or emotional sensations, your deepest aspirations. It is a way to let life cross and vivify you, without holding back or containing.

Explore new territories

Being curious about our loneliness, connections or membership needs, is being attentive to the wisdom of Nature around us to get inspired. It is being attentive to our lifes resources, to enjoy them better.

An invitation to get on the move

Trust your steps, open yourself to a kind of meditation through movement where your body expresses itself freely time after time.

Dance to be danced

Include everything, leave nothing on the side, dare to be yourself. This is how to explore and get through our shadows in a friendly, moving and mindful framework. We can then open ourselves to our lights, natural resources and reach the heart of our lifes. This is the way to follow far beyond the dancefloor.

Feel like changing, opening doors, letting your body vibrate on the music or just feel lie enjoying dancing freely? Open Floor opens you a way to explore your own path.

« Integrity, authenticity, generosity: here are some of the qualities you will find in Vinciane and her Open Floor teaching »


“A smooth, subtle and delicate approach with an obvious simplicity…”


“Dancing next to Vinciane, it is standing, it is feeling alive, it is feeling free, it is feeling my strength and my weaknesses, it is feeling the energy of my body and myself, it is being authentic and good, it is being and it is simply good.”




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